Red Hand of Doom 4E

Chapter One: The Witchwood

Our heroes began in Brindol.

  • Encounter 0: Mission Debriefing
    • In which the party is informed of rumors of goblin activity near Drellin’s Ferry and a lost messenger and thanked for volunteering to investigate
  • Encounter 1: Road Ambush!
    • Ambush from forest on both sides by an organized hobgoblin force, including a pit trap laid in the road
  • Encounter 2: Marauders
    • The trail of the ambushers was followed back to a cabin where more hobgoblins emerged, including a priest of Tiamat and his ritually summoned hellhounds
  • Encounter 3: Drellin’s Ferry
    • The party investigated town and met with the town speaker and captain of the guard.
  • Encounter 4: Blackwater Causeway
    • While crossing through a swamp in the Witchwood the party found the remains of a merchant’s wagon and the hydra that ate its occupants.
  • Encounter 5: Owls, Bears, and Goblins, oh my!
    • Goblins fleeing some larger creature dart across the party’s path on the way to Vraath Keep and the party stopped to fight them and their Owlbear pursuer.
  • Encounter 6: Vraath Keep, Part 1
    • Announcing their presence with the destruction of an old gardening shack, the party fights some goblins and worgs, chats with a Manticore, then fights a minotaur and some hobgoblins. The minotaur retreats, allowing the party a moment respite to rest.
  • Encounter 7: Vraath Keep, Part 2
    • The minotaur returns with bugbear aid, including a powerful bugbear warlock who calls on the manticore for aid. The fight is a close one, with Mirkag strangled to death and the party almost following suit if not for trading the Manticore several magic items for its help.
  • Encounter 8: Plunder, Spoils, and Plans
    • The party looted Vraath Keep, including a hidden chamber underneath. They also find a map detailing the battle plans for the hobgoblins that includes some funny pictures, but also a timeline for marching on Brindol itself.


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