Character Creation

Make a standard 3rd level character using the 22-point buy method described in the Player’s Handbook. All PHB races are allowed, as well as the gnome from the Monster Manual.

As a 3rd level character, you’ve gained a Utility power at 2nd level and an Encounter power at 3rd level. You can expect to reach at least 10th level over the course of the campaign, and probably a couple levels into Paragon before the finale. If there are any additional feats, powers, or paths required to fit your concept, let me know. I don’t want to create new classes and wholesale spreads of powers, but a little here or there is totally fine.

You’re a member of a military unit, the Lions of Brindol, so don’t be decisively insane, stupid, or malicious. That said, eccentric heroes are par for the course and little things will be ignored.

You may have any normal equipment within sensible limits (nothing over 50g, no questionable quantities). If you’re a ritual caster, you may learn two additional rituals from levels 1-3. You get one ‘cool’ magic weapon or armor that we can discuss to figure out something appropriate and how you got it.

In addition, the Lions of Brindol will provide a riding horse, 3 potions of healing, and one of the following:
  • Bracers of Mighty Striking
  • Acrobat Boots
  • +1 Cloak of Resistance
  • Belt of Vigor
The group also receives:
  • Everlasting Provisions
  • Bag of Holding
  • Ritual Scrolls of Cure Disease, Raise Dead, and Remove Affliction

You’re going to be assigned a more experienced member of the Lions as your “Acting Commander”, a cleric of Pelor named Mirkag Haquo. While more tenured, you know that his disreputable behavior (he’s a bit of a drunk and lecherous) has kept him at the bottom of the organization and he’s certainly not commander material. Judging by the way Captain Ulverth said “Acting Commander”, it seems likely it’s a temporary situation while the group shapes up.

Name Type Player
Kira Icewing Dragonborn Greatsword Fighter Beka
“Wraith” Cylraithe Rivalen Human Trickster Rogue Twystid
Ulred Brighthammer Dwarf Battle Cleric of Moradin MHallet
Eirwen Bébhinn Geamhradh Eladrin Wizard CHallet
Mansuong Neverchilde Human Infernal Warlock Irithil
Mirkag Haquo Human Priest of Pelor NPC

Character Creation

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